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GRANT OF $3,000 for South Rift Valley Innovation Week - Virtual Hackathon

The South Rift Valley Innovation Week 2022 is  running a virtual hackathon open to all innovators.

If you can combine technology, creativity and talent to drive innovations, then this hackathon is meant for you.  

We will be awarding 3 innovators this year with: 

01. Grant of $3,000
02. Mentorship
03. Recognition at NCMD Awards

Problem Statements

Enhancing Food Safety and Traceability Through Innovation

There are over 100 schools in Nakuru town. Most of the students use their own transport means to get to school.

Given the geography of Nakuru town, with estates not necessarily near schools, how best can Wasili get into the school transport space, in an efficient, affordable way

Innovation to improve sourcing, inventory management and distribution of products that shows real-time forex exchange rates.

  • Promoting Tourism and Tourist Experience through innovation 
  • Improving hotel recruitment processes through innovation
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