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The South Rift Valley Innovation Week will be hosted in Nakuru City from 14th – 18th November 2022. Nakuru is the most dominant and centrally placed City in the South Rift Region. The city is a key business hub within the region and also acts as a major corridor for access to most parts of South Rift Valley. Improving the innovation culture in Nakuru will positively impact the rest of the region. 

The theme for the innovation week is– innovating towards a smart city. A smart city is a city whose operations in all sectors use highly innovative tech solutions. The theme highlights smart solutions in  manufacturing, transportation, farming/agriculture and transport. With Nakuru being the youngest city in Kenya, the innovation week offers the best platform to highlight areas we could focus on in becoming a smart city and come up with a roadmap that could easily be implemented

To create an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Culture

Focus areas

Topics For Discussion and Hackathon

The panel discussions and hackathon will focus on the topics below:


Innovation to improve sourcing, inventory management and distribution of products that shows real-time forex exchange rates.


Enhancing food safety and traceability through innovation.


Improving Public Transport Systems through Innovation


Promoting Tourism and tourist experience through innovation

Our Core Objective

The purpose of the 2022 South Rift Valley Innovation week 2022 is to bring together the different players in the innovation ecosystem. These players include: innovators, investors, entrepreneurship support organisations (ESOs), regulators, policy makers, researchers, corporates and users of the innovations (the general public).

The innovation week gives innovators a platform to showcase their innovations, meet investors who could invest in their businesses, meet researchers who they could collaborate with, meet ESOs and learn how they could benefit from them, meet the users of their innovations and lastly, meet regulators and policy makers and influence policy and decision making. The innovation week also offers a platform to air challenges within the ecosystem and have innovators come up with solutions

  • To identify innovations in Nakuru and the South Rift Valley region
  • To provide solutions to our current problems through innovation
  • To provide visibility and recognition to stakeholders
  • To provide support to innovations
  • To identify talent and skills through the hackathon
  • To create and foster partnerships within the ecosystem
  • To create awareness about innovation in Nakuru 
  • Create a culture that promotes innovation in Rift Valley

Key Activities

24th October - 10th November 2022Call for ApplicationClosed
11th November 2022Announcement of Hackathon ParticipantsDone
13th - 16th November 2022HackathonClosed
17th November 2022Pitch DayClosed
17th - 18th November 2022Innovation Day EventOngoing

Submissions - CLOSED

13th - 14th November

The top 3 proposals will receive a grant of $3,000 and recognition at the upcoming NCMD Awards 2022.

Innovation Day

17th - 18th November

2 Day of round table discussions, panel discussions and key note speeches from industry experts. Startup awards will follow thereafter


17th - 18th November

A platform to showcase your products or services to potential customers and investors.


Sponsors and Partners

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